IaaS – Remote Infra Setup

About Client

An Integrated Business Solutions technology company based in Norway, catering to the Oil & Gas, Shipping and Energy industries. Their core product (business platform) is designed and developed to improve business processes, quality systems, customer relationship management, OH&S and other core functions of any business serving the energy and shipping industry.

Business Requirement

The Client needed an IaaS environment to implement their complete workload for an end customer of theirs.

AWS and Azure were not considered due to non-availability of regions and GDPR compliance mandated to have workload within the country.

Client needed the setup on a virtualized environment and either VMware or Hyper-V was a mandatory requirement.

Client provided CCS with Private Data Centre IaaS environment with VMware V-studio Tool to setup the complete SharePoint Server Farm remotely with a short deadline.

CCS Solution

CCS designed the Infrastructure Solution Architecture for Implementing the server farm within the defined project timeline.

Operating System and Firmware level configurations were initially completed to help ease the dependency for the SharePoint server farm.

VMware V-studio configurations were also completed with our VMware certified team and IaaS environment was ready for server farm deployment.

Network & security and backup configuration was enabled at both, the Client and data center to ease server farm setup and access.

Business Benefits

Zero hardware management with latest firmware and patch upgrades.

Proper backups and availability zones.

Resource and user monitoring.

Client GDPR compliance and ITIL standards in VM-ware environment with VPN.

Server farm setup handed over before the project deadline date.